February 1, 2010
I am currently developing my PhD thesis in robotics at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, my thesis is entitled:

Emerging Cooperative Behavior for Distributed Task Allocation
Directed by: Josep M. Mirats Tur

Supported by the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT) de México.
The research in the field of robotics has focused mainly on resolving problems associated with Single Robot Systems (SRS), it was not until the 80's that enough knowledge was accumulated to start investigating Multi-Robot Systems (MRS). To explain why this shift occurred several reasons can be handled, from the ease of having more than one robot to the reduced costs of the platforms, however, we believe that this shift is simply the natural evolution of the robotics field.

The main advantages of having several robots became obvious, including parallelism, redundancy and adaptation to the environment. However, working with multiple robots represents not only advantages, but also offers a number of interesting challenges for researchers. In order to get a team with multi-robot autonomous capabilities it is necessary to solve problems such as communication between robots, task allocation or conflict resolution among many other challenges that must be resolved to ensure consistency throughout the system.

In this thesis we will address the problem of multi-robot task allocation (MRTA). We aim to study how cooperative behaviors can naturally emerge from the robots in order to solve complex tasks. So, this proposal will solve the task allocation issue for heterogeneous robot teams with emergent cooperation in which, like other existing architectures, the usefulness of the whole system will be maximized.

For information about previous work please refer to my curruculum.

Areas of interest
  • Multi-Robot Task Allocation
  • Multi-Robot Teams
  • Path Execution
  • Robotic Software